Bicycle Training Handle Kit

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Bicycle Training Handle Kit

This product is the ultimate child bicycle training devise. This bicycle accessory is constructed out of ultra-strong, aircraft aluminum. A MUST HAVE for you and your child!!!

Easy to install, and fun to use, the Bicycle Training Handle Kit allows for the supervising adult to exercise full control. Going up and down curbs is a breeze. The Bike Balance Trainer makes it easy on you and your child. No more training wheels. Teach your child to ride the Bike Balance way. Can be mounted on most 12" to 26" bicycles. 14mm BMX axles will require modification to the SSB legs.

Heartfelt story

Two days after we bought my daughter her first bike with training wheels, my six year old lost both her legs in an unrelated auto accident. It has been a little less than a year since the accident and my beautiful, determined daughter is able to walk using her prostheses.

A month ago while clearing out our storage unit, my daughter saw her old bike. She asked me if I thought she would ever be able to ride a bike again. I quickly said, yes, of course you will honey! I told her that daddy and I would both help her learn to ride. We bought the bike home that day. For the next three days all I heard was I want to ride, I want to ride... Last Saturday morning I found her trying to ride her bike on the kitchen floor. Shortly after this we were determined to make her wish come true. That day my husband found a training bar device at a local toy store. After installing it, we felt like it did not offer the support or safety we were looking for. The next day I was sharing my daughter's story with my Bible group, when a member told me about this great training devise her Chiropractor had invented called Bike Balance.

That day I went online and order one. I got it in three days. My husband the machinist was amazed at the quality and how easy it was to install.

On the third day, January 2, 2008, on my daughter's seventh birthday, my friends and I saw something that I thought I would never see. My daughter riding a bicycle for the first time with no help. So, believe me, not all bicycle training handles are the same. My husband commented, "That was the best money we ever spent". Your Bicycle Training Handle is wonderful".
Kim Sparks, pre-school teacher and loving parent.

What are others saying?

"Now with my Bike Balance Trainer, my two and a half year old daughter can ride her bike while I jog in the morning. I have recommended it to all my friends".
Kristi Marks, Bellevue, Washington

"I suffer from back pain but with the Bike Balance Training Handle, I taught my child to ride with no problem".
Steve Lancer, Insurance Salesman

"After teaching my son to ride, I put the Base Unit on my bike and now I can PUSH, PULL and CARRY just about anything".
Mike Tara, Outdoorsman

"The products snap-fit modular design is an engineering master piece, the applications are endless".
Gary Schreiber, Bicycle Enthusiast

All children/people do not learn at the same rate. Some individuals may need more time and practice than others. Our goal is to help novice riders master the skills of riding a bicycle without training wheels, while at the same time making it easier for the supervising adult. This is why we are proud to offer this superior product at a competitive price.

Benefits and features:

  • ￿ No more back pain!
  • ￿ Teaching your child to ride a bicycle.
  • ￿ Can be used with very young or older children.
  • ￿ Fits most 12" to 26" bicycles
  • ￿ Fits 3/8" axles. 14mm BMX axles will require modification.
  • ￿ Take the fear out of learning to ride a bicycle.
  • ￿ Make learning to ride a bicycle EASY, FUN and SAFE.
  • ￿ You can maintain complete control if desired.
  • ￿ Works with or without training wheels.
  • ￿ Great for special needs children.
  • ￿ Multiple uses after your child learns to rid
  • ￿ Multi-Speed bicycles will require the MSB leg kit (sold seperately)

Wholesale orders are available.

Once your child learns to ride, the "Base Unit" can be mated with a host of different attachments (See Product page) for continual enjoyment.