Bike Dog Leash

Bike Dog Leash
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Bike Balance presents the ultimate Bike Dog Leash. The Bike Dog Leash Attachment allows your four-legged best friend to keep you company while riding a bicycle, at the same time giving them much needed exercise and stimulation. The Bike Dog Leash Attachment can accommodate most dogs. Our superior rear mount design allows your dog freedom to run behind, or to either side of your bike. This unit is constructed out of ultra-strong aircraft aluminum with stainless steel components, for years of enjoyment. The no-tangle bungee leash system pampers your dog while exercising full control. Exercising your dog has never been so Easy and Fun.

Your dog deserves the best bike leash around, you deserve Bike Balance.

What are others saying?

Thanks to Bike Dog Leash my dogs finally get the exercise they need and it only takes a few minutes a day. It is so easy, no worries about being pulled off the bike or the dog taking off. The Dog Jogger leash allows me to keep both hands on the handle bars while my dog enjoys plenty of room to run on both sides of the rear tire with virtually no pull on the bike. Now my dogs get excited whenever they see me get the bike out. Thanks to Bike Balance, my dogs are in great shape. My dogs and I love it.
Gary Schreiber, Huntington Beach, CA

I take a walk with my dog every day, and I have been waiting to be able to take him with me while I do one of my favorite riding! Now, with my Bicycle Dog Leash I can do two of my favorite things at once. I love being able to get in a great ride while my dog enjoys the run and the scenery by my side..
Michelle Reed, Miami, FL

Great product! The bungee leash makes it easy on my dogs neck while maintaining control.
Jim Bowman, El Paso, TX

I have both the Bicycle Dog Leash and the Bicycle Surf Rack and I recommend them highly. The Bicycle Dog Leash is for anyone who loves their dog.
Dana Scott, Dana Point, CA

 Awesome, both my husband and I think the Dog Jogger is great. Wherever I go people ask me where they can get one.
Carol Penn, Denver, CO

 I bike everywhere. There is not a day that goes by that we dont use your Dog leash for bikes .
Tom Witt, Punta Gorda, FL

The Bike Balance is my 3rd bike dog walking unit and by far the best one I have used. The construction is high quality and installation was a breeze. Where this unit shines is the side to side mobility it provides the dog and the stability the design offers to the person riding the bike. I have a high energy 6 month old Austrailan Shepperd that gets two runs a day and Bike Balance is a life saver!
Todd, San Diego, CA



  • ￿ NOW both standard and heavy duty leashes included
  • ￿ No rust
  • ￿ Easy to install
  • ￿ Superior rear mount design
  • ￿ Fits most bikes, Single and Multi-speed bicycles
  • ￿ Adjustable for any size dog
  • ￿ Installation hardware included
  • ￿ Easy to maneuver through traffic
  • ￿ Flexible leash
  • ￿ Tig welded 6061 aluminum
  • ￿ Multi-use capabilities

We also offer three different leash sizes, depending on your needs. The Standard leash is for most smaller or well trained dogs. The Heavy duty is for medium to larger dogs that are a bit more active. The NEW nylon 13/32" heavy duty leash is stronger than our standard 3/8" polypropylene leash. Our Extreme leashes is nearly unbreakable (please see warnings). Go to: for more details.

Wholesale orders are available.

The patented Bike Balance Base Unit can be mated with a host of different attachments (See Product page) for a wide array of uses, and years of enjoyment.