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The Bike Balance Basket Adapter is the ultimate in add-on bicycle accessories. Our attachment allows you to mount any type of basket, box or crate, regardless of size or shape on your bike. Personalize your bicycle like no one else! This universal approach allows you to carry everything you need with style on your bicycle without worrying about the basket weighing down the front of your bike. The modular design make mounting your basket EASY. Your basket can be mounted in seconds!

What are others saying?

"I love your basket attachment. I have two of them. I mounted a plastic milk crate on one, for carrying small stuff and a huge metal basket on the other. It's perfect for taking my tools to work. I can't wait for your Utility Trailer."
Dan Saldes, Reno, NV

"It's neat how you can mount just about anything you want on it. I mounted a funky, cool basket that I got at a garage sale. My dog loves riding in it."
Cindy Trom, Seattle , WA

"The Modular design is a great idea. This attachment is a good addition to your product line. I bought the Surfboard Rack Kit initially and loved it! Last month I bought the Dog Jogger and the Basket Attachment, they are just as cool."
Kenny Tipton, Redondo Beach, CA

"I mounted an old wicker laundry basket on my bike with your basket adapter. It's great for carrying my little Yorkshire or groceries around town. Great product."
Katherine Langner, Scottsdale, AZ



  • � Mount any basket.
  • � Easy to install.
  • � Superior rear mount design
  • � Fits most bikes, Single and Multi-speed bicycles
  • � Mounts in seconds.
  • � Installation hardware included
  • � Easy to maneuver through traffic
  • � No Rust
  • � Tig welded 6061 aluminum
  • � Multi-use capabilities

Wholesale orders are available.

The patented Bike Balance Base Unit can be mated with a host of different attachments (See Product page) for a wide array of uses, and years of enjoyment.