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The Bike Balance system, created by Dr. Dan LaFontaine, is a revolutionary multi-function bicycle accessory.

Dr. LaFontaine's vision for Bike Balance began while teaching his own son how to ride his first bike. After hours of back straining and little success on his son's part, he started with an idea for a tool that would benefit both parent and child. He developed the Bike Training Handle so his son could have FUN mastering the five basic steps of riding a bicycle (steering, pedaling, braking, balancing and road safety).

The Bike Balance system began with this simple idea, but has since grown into a multi-function accessory that lasts well beyond learning to ride a bicycle.

The patented "Fork Hitch Unit" is an adaptive device that can be mounted on most bicycles regardless of size or style.

This Fork Hitch Unit functions similar to a Trailer Hitch, allowing you to quickly connect a multitude of bicycle attachments. Attachments range from teaching your child how to ride a bicycle to carrying a surfboard to the beach.