Bike Balance Bicycle Accessories - including Bicycle Training Handle, Dog Jogger, Basket Adapter and Surfboard Rack

Bike Balance is a revolutionary multi-function bicycle accessory.
Many attachments are AVAILABLE NOW!

Bicylcle Training Handle Kit $44.99  Buy Bicycle Training Handle Kit

Bicycle Training Handle Kit


Bicycle Training Handle Kit is the original Bike Balance snap-fit modular attachment. Teach road safety while, avoiding needless accidents! It's the Fun, Easy, Safe way to learn how to ride a bicycle. Use with training wheels to create a stable, safe bicycle platform for young children or can be used as an attractive alternative to training wheels for an older child learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. *Includes: Fork Hitch Unit (Base), Handle Attachment and Single-speed (SSB) mounting hardware. Multi-speed (MSB) mounting hardware sold separately.

Bicylcle Surfboard Rack Kit $89.99  Buy Surfboard Rack Kit

Surfboard Bicycle Rack Kit


Our Bicycle Surfboard Rack is the SUPERMAN of racks. Road tested at speeds over 60 mph. Our anti-slip bungee system ensures your board is completely secure, without leaving impressions on your deck. The rear mount design makes maneuvering through traffic a snap. Additional cradle arms may be purchased to carry two surfboards at once. Recommended for boards under 8ft. *Includes: Fork Hitch Unit (Base), Surfboard Attachment both Single-speed (SSB) and Multi-speed (MSB) mounting hardware.

Surfboard Trailer $299.99 Buy Surfboard Rack Kit

ST1 Bicycle Surfboard / Paddle board / small Kayak Trailer Kit


Our ST1 Bicycle Surfboard / Paddle Board trailer allows you to carry everything you need to the beach. Our Surf trailer can hold multiple surfboards and /or SUP. Can be easily adjusted to accommodate most boards under 11.6ft. Once the Fork Hitch Unit (Base) is bolted onto your bike, the ST1 trailer can be taken on & off in seconds! * Includes: Trailer, Fork Hitch Unit (Base), Sling bag, both Single-Speed (SSB) and Multi-Speed (MSB) mounting hardware.

Surfboard Trailer $379.99 Buy Surfboard Rack Kit

XL1 Bicycle Surfboard / Paddle Board / Kayak Trailer Kit


Our XL1 Bicycle Paddle board/SUP/Kayak trailer allows you to easily carry your long loads anywhere. The I-beam design is super light but very strong. The strapping system ensures your items remain securely in place. Once the "Fork base unit" (Hitch) is bolted onto your bike, the trailer can be taken on & off in seconds! Can be adjusted to carry a 17ft SUP or Kayak. Includes: Trailer, Sling bag, Fork Hitch Unit (Base), Single-speed (SSB) & Multi-speed (MSB) mounting hardware.

Bicylcle Dog Jogger $72.99  Buy Dog Jogger attachment

Bicycle Dog Leash Kit


Bike Dog Leash allows your four-legged best friend to keep you company while riding a bicycle, while giving them much needed exercise and stimilation. Our patented swing-boom dog leash permits your cannie unsurpassed freedom. The Bike Balance Dog Leash can accomodate most dogs. Pull the release pin and your Bike Dog Leash easily converts into a retractable Dog leash. Exercising your dog has never been so much FUN! *Includes Fork Hitch Unit (Base), Bike Dog Leash attachment, Single-speed (SSB) and Multi-speed (MSB) mounting hardware.

Basket Attachment $16.99  Buy basket attachment

Bicycle Basket Attachment


Basket Adapter Attachment allows you can quickly mount almost any type of large or small basket on your bike. With this modular attachment, you to carry everything you need on your bicycle. Rear mounted baskets offer superior control. Carry items without steering problems or worrying about the basket weighing down the front of your bike. Be UNIQUE, Go in STYLE!
*Includes basket attachment only.
*Basket and Fork Hitch Unit (Base) not included.